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Structure for full list of patches, to be fleshed out in the future
Latest patches: 28.06.2017[https=Beta=''Steel Division:// '44'' has received the-duellists-update-is-now-available-v-82672.1032765/ "The Duellists"]14.06.2017[ updates since initially being opened for-all-update-is-now-availablepublic beta testing.1028989/ "And Justice For All"]
''Steel Division: Normandy '44'' has received the following updates since leaving beta on May 24th, 2017.
Beta==And Justice For All=='''Release date:''' June 14th, 2017'''Highlights:''''''Full patch notes:''' [ "And Justice For All"] ==The Duellists=='''Release date:''' June 28th, 2017'''Highlights:''''''Full patch notes:''' [ "The Duellists"] ==When the River Runs Deep=='''Release date:''' August 9th, 2017'''Highlights:''''''Full patch notes:''' ==The Division Bell=='''Release date:''' August 30th, 2017'''Highlights:''''''Full patch notes:''' ==Closer Update=='''Release date:''' September 21st, 2017'''Highlights:''''''Full patch notes:''' ==Ace of Spades=='''Release date:''' October 26th, 2017'''Highlights:''''''Full patch notes:''' ==Back in Black=='''Release date:''' November 22nd, 2017'''Highlights:''''''Full patch notes:''' ==Santa Claws Update=='''Release date:''' December 21st, 2017'''Highlights:''''''Full patch notes:''' ==Bulls on Parade=='''Release date:''' February 13th, 2018'''Highlights:''''''Full patch notes:'''

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