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In-game default hotkeys listed. [1]

Action Default
Camera Move WSAD
Change Focus Tab
stop E
Spread X
Return Fire Z
Auto Cover N
Fire at position T
Move Fast F
Attack Q
Unload at position Y
For comunication between players
Flare Attack F1
Flare Defend F2
Flare Help F3
Flare Custom mesage F4
Deployment menu `
Unit information I
Turn weapons on/off H
Line Of Sight C
Riposte, will not attack, only defend if fired upon W or Z
Retreat a panicked unit R
Reverse your tank J
Smoke position (for artillery) B + left click
Unload (for transport vehicles) U
Select a unit (hold select several units) Left-click
Select the same kind of units in the area Double left-click
Move a unit to the destination Right-click
Hunt Q or A + left-click


  1. All credits due. Account Link OC Post